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Our development team represented by software architects, senior and junior developers, testers and a business analyst, all have vast experience from the banking sector, insurance sector, tracking, logistics and health & safety industries.
Due to the customer focused approach that Xcelcious follows, we believe in engaging with our customers regularly for continuous input by the people who will be using the software. Only then can we achieve what we set out to do, and that is to add value for our customer.

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Our latest products are predominantly focused on the logistics industry. With the culmination of experience from our team members, the challenges in this old industry which still relies on manual and paper processes seemed a fitting challenge for our team.

Web Development

World class, cloud based, be-spoke applications that can seamlessly integrate with other third party software...

Our agile approach allows for the development of small, independently deployable, modular services.


Mobile Development

Android and iOS applications providing the user complete mobility...

Experienced in developing mobile solutions, using Xamarin or Native technologies

neXefleet is a dynamic, transport operations management solution specifically tailored to the South Africa transport industry. It includes features to manage customers, employees, fuel, inventory, loads, vehicles and vehicle maintenance.


Digitalisation of traditional paper processes



Managing risk to ensure compliance is achieved



Business insights in whether actionable events occurred as planned and completed timeously.

Allow your driver to manage their fuel, loads and vehicle maintenance all from their mobile device allowing for real time collection of information.


Information is always available and at your drivers fingertips.



No more books and paperwork that needs to be captured and filed.



Always know what and where your drivers and vehicles are going.

Create an e-POD through our mobile app, upload a pdf delivery document for signature or simply take a picture of any document and sign it electronically.

Digital Signatures

Our e-POD solution allows organisations to acquire customer signatures in a way that is easy, safe and inexpensive.


Faster Invoicing

Getting your POD's to your customer or finance department quicker means you get paid earlier.



GPS coordinates are captured at the point of signing, thus putting the driver with the signatory at the exact time as captured by our Mobile Application.

Get a consolidated view of multiple devices from various tracking service providers which feed onto one screen, to provide optimum visibility.


We plugin to most service providers tracking units allowing you a single view.



Monitor your vehicles from within any of our applications.



With the information gathered we can give you a single view of your vehicles and therefore, avoid multiple reports that need to be consolidated.

Additional Services

Other services we offer

Digital Transformation

If we are allowed an opportunity to get to know your business and your daily processes we can help your business to have a seamless digital migration, leveraging on current technological advancement.


Custom Development

Our software is a world class on-demand cloud/SaaS offering with technology architecture which offers adaptability, flexibility, usability and deployment options for the user.


System Integration

With us you get brilliant enterprise system integration which enables the creation of well-defined APIs offering secure access to your services, regardless of what the service implementation.



Let us add value to your project in providing skilled resources for your specific project needs.

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